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Zack Cityscape


Cityscape Commission

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Love Hurts and Nine ways to break your art screen prints coming very soon!

'Muses' - 2011/2012

Zeus Streetopoly Vs Banksy Occupy St Pauls

'Reflections' - The Factory Project

The Factory Project at The Hospital Club featured the best in British Urban Contemporary Art and Design. Zeus' 'Reflections' reflected the gallery in-front of the piece, which meant he could only finish once all the other art work was in place. Painting right up until the last minute.

View this film of The Factory Project featuring Zeus and all the other wonderful artists at the exhibition. Click Here.

Urban Art Auction

Inkie, Temwa and Paradise presented Urban Art Auction to raise money for Great Ormond Street Cochlear implant unit, CICS and Temwa. Zeus donated some 'Love Hurts' for the great causes.

(Photographs taken at West London Art Factory and Graffik Gallery)

Zeus - Cityscapes

This piece which is aptly named 'Zeus' was one of the very first designs in the Cityscape collection. Still in high demand - it was bought at auction at the end of 2011.

'Touch' sculpture

'Cunt' sculpture

The Cumberland Hotel Auction

Zeus auctioned 'The Girl In The Frame' and 'Broken Arted' at The Cumberland Hotel where they were both "SOLD!".

'Girl In The Frame' - 2011

'Broken Arted' (Love Hurts) - 2011

Eloquent Vandals - NUART trailer featuring ZEUS

First trailer release for the documentary Eloquent Vandals shot at Nuart Festival in Stavanger Norway 2008. Featuring work and interviews from Dface, Nick Walker, Dolk, Pøbel, Herakut, Jimmy Cauty, Blek Le Rat, Sten & Lex, Wordtomother, Zeus, Know Hope, Graffiti Research Lab & Chris Stain. A nuart & Saft Production. Follow the link to view trailer


To Purchase 'Run' by Zeus, follow the link http://www.prescriptionart.com/prescription-art/zeus/cat_46.html


'Steel' - Cityscapes, a commission for a collector from New Zealand.

(Close-up of Zeus painting, photographed by Ian Cox at Wallkandy.)

Best Wank

With love, ZEUS

To purchase 'Signed with Love' (top right) and other pieces by Zeus, follow the link http://www.prescriptionart.com/prescription-art/zeus/cat_46.html


Fish Tank

Is is time for Zeus to make a BIGGER Fish Tank for 2012...?

Eine & Zeus A-Z Crime and Punishment

Zeus and Eine did a two man show together in Brighton for ink-d. This two man show would lead to the A-Z of Crime and Punishment collaboration, also in association with ink-d.

To Purchase these original pieces, follow the link to the Ink-d website http://www.ink-d.co.uk/artists/eine/all

VNA sculpture

Zeus' VNA sculpture for Moniker Art Fair 2010.

Escaping Criticism

'Escaping Criticism' - Acrylic and spray paint on canvas, sold at Dreweatts 1759 auction back in October 2010.

To purchase 'Escaping Criticism' and other pieces by Zeus, follow the link http://www.prescriptionart.com/prescription-art/zeus/cat_46.html

Zeus for Garrards

Zeus was commissioned by Jade Jagger to re-design the windows and display cabinets for Garrards (the Crown jewellers) to promote her Graffiti range. His latest artwork was also displayed at Garrards for a private party hosted by Jagger for London Fashion Week.

LOVE - Glastonbury 2010


In association with Urban In Ibiza, Zeus' LOVE sculpture featured at Glastonbury 2010 for the Love Bullets, Love Garden.

HOPE charity poster

Back in 2008 Zeus produced this HOPE poster, which was sold by Agnes B to raise money for cancer and bereavement charities.

Diana World Tour London - April 2010

Zeus was asked to customise a Diana+ for the Diana World Tour London Opening Party. A collection of around 25 Diana+ cameras; customised by some of the most interesting artists, illustrators, creative types and good-time Lomography friends that the UK has to offer. Each clone was a complete one-off and were exhibited in store for the whole month of April 2010....'SMILE!'