Close up of 3d commission painting for Barrio East


Commissioned 3d painting for Barrio bar East London Shoreditch...

Interview for Euro News



Urban Masters Show /Opera Gallery London

I don't normally like photos being taken of myself but i do love this shot by Paul Hampartsoumian at the Urban Masters show (© Copyright Paul Hampartsoumian 2012} come see the work in the flesh at
13 Hearn St, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3LS


if anyone wants a broken art just email me direct
Broken arts framed 25 x 25 cm £100 per sweet postage not included contact me at zeusart@gmail.com


more work from solo show...
Some images from my Recent Solo Show at Nancy Victor Gallery London UK


Pop By the Nancy Victor Gallery London and see the works in the flesh


A very welcome visit from Ian Cox from Wallkandy who always seems to take a great photo of my work next stop Nancy Victor gallery 6th September for solo show...


Hands at work and getting ready for Pop Up show at Nancy Victor Gallery 6th September


Countdown to my Pop Up show has begun...... :)


Save the date 11th September 2012


50 shades of grey... new 3d cityscape piece primed and ready for it's top coat now where did i put those trees?


I always try to make a little love what ever country i am in ..
Some new fans of Graffiti art in Doha......+


Bear Market Show Amsterdam



I will be in Amsterdam for the next couple of weeks making some art for a show at Look For Art Gallery 'THE BEAR MARKET" 27th April 20012


2012 Zeus

Here is my little spin on the olympic logo for 2012 London Olympics....


Nearly there....

Just finishing off a Cityscape painting for a group show in Notting hill London this thursday



Twisting all the way to Los Angeles

I am going to be in a group show at the Carmichael gallery Los Angeles so if you are in LA pop in and say hello.....


Finally arrived!

Finally got my copy of Eloquent Vandals very nice indeed


painting walls


love hurts 7 colour spray paint stencil print on fabriano 120 gsm paper £250 addition of nine 60cm x 120cm

well even before i had thought about releasing this as a print i seem to only have five of the nine addition sprayed stencil love hurts left so if you would like one of the remaining five contact me at zeusart@gmail.com there will be a seven colour screen print version coming in the next couple of weeks best ZeUs :)


i think the robots want to play me at streetopoly

to be continued......

lets play!

Just making a couple of my streetopoly paste ups into playable boards for Raw Art Fair Rotterdam come play!!


love Hurts stencil

a little stencil for all you broken arted out there :)


building new cities


Zack Cityscape


Cityscape Commission

one more day of detailing to go!


Love Hurts and Nine ways to break your art screen prints coming very soon!

'Muses' - 2011/2012

Zeus Streetopoly Vs Banksy Occupy St Pauls

'Reflections' - The Factory Project

The Factory Project at The Hospital Club featured the best in British Urban Contemporary Art and Design. Zeus' 'Reflections' reflected the gallery in-front of the piece, which meant he could only finish once all the other art work was in place. Painting right up until the last minute.

View this film of The Factory Project featuring Zeus and all the other wonderful artists at the exhibition. Click Here.

Urban Art Auction

Inkie, Temwa and Paradise presented Urban Art Auction to raise money for Great Ormond Street Cochlear implant unit, CICS and Temwa. Zeus donated some 'Love Hurts' for the great causes.

(Photographs taken at West London Art Factory and Graffik Gallery)

Zeus - Cityscapes

This piece which is aptly named 'Zeus' was one of the very first designs in the Cityscape collection. Still in high demand - it was bought at auction at the end of 2011.